Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mr. Fix-It

Val uploaded these pics, but now she's on the phone, so I'll put some words here. Arriving back to our house that has been empty for the last 10 months presented us with a few need-to-be-fixed items. She snapped pics of two, shown here.

I had purchased this new deadbolt soon after we moved into our house (Dec. 05). I bought a new doorknob at the same time and put that on immediately. But the deadbolt just sat around. I finally installed it this week. After removing the old one, I had to re-size the hole for this one to fit. I could've just bought a new door, but I guess this is cheaper. And it was fun. And you don't have to have a key to unlock it from the inside anymore.

Today I replaced one of our porch lights. I had installed new porch lights not that long ago. I think it was last summer, actually. But sometime over the course of this past year, the dusk-to-dawn sensor on the left porch light had blown up. Well, it looked kinda like it did. Maybe it melted. It looked like that, too. In any case, you can't buy a new sensor - you have to buy a whole new light. So I had to hack into my house's ancient wiring and hook up a new light. Two new fingers later, it works.

Here's what I was saying about the new fingers. My ever-so-sharp utility knife enjoyed meeting two of my fingers while slicing through the electrical tape around the old wiring. As I began slicing the fatal slice, the thought went through my mind: I'm gonna slice my finger right here. But I sliced anyways. Ouch. But oh well. They'll grow back.

I also fixed our toilet, but Val was sleeping the whole time so she didn't get any pics. It's a toilet. And you know what I look like. So, feel free to imagine the pic if you want to. And I know you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but I did it anywayzers.

Back in the swing of things... =)

Last summer Adam had the privilege of playing on a church league with my brother-in-law Greg. They had a really good time, and were asked back for this summer! These pics were at Adam's second game.

All tuckered out...and not feeling well =(

Hangin out

My brother and his little lady

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More family times...

Olivia has grown so much over the past few months! She is such a doll and is talking quite a bit! What a fun age.

Livvy and papa

Alli is such a great baby. I hardly put her down the whole time I was with them before they left for youth camp! I can't wait to see her again!

Yep, this is my little Kaitlynn

My brother's little family =) (that will be added to again next month!)

Livvy and Kaitlynn havin' fun in the tub!

Grandma Yount was able to come over the weekend. It was so nice having her here with us!

On Sunday, Mom and Dad celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! We wish you many, many more years of happiness together!

Sunday was also Father's Day. Adam and I are privileged to have the best dads in the world! Thanks for always being there for us. We love you both very much!

Fun family times!

Olivia and Kaitlynn having a good time together.

Fun times with Uncle Adam!

My little Allison...this is a typical look for her! She is always so happy! Notice the outfit...

Allison and her mommy (a great sister, btw!)

It was great to be together again!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hope this brightens your day like it did mine!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last day of school 2007-2008 =)

The ladies gave me the balloons that were used as decoration at my shower on Thursday night, so I decided to let my kids let them go as a sign of being done with first grade.

The balloons and first grade...never to be seen by them again!

I tried to do journal time with my kids this year. It didn't happen every week, but we did have a nice collection of journals to send home yesterday. They enjoyed reading their journals from the year.

Crazy Mr. P!

My first grade class '07-'08

Baby Shower

Thursday night the ladies of our church hosted a baby shower for me and my little girl. I didn't have my camera, but my mother-in-law took some pictures that I'll post when I get them. The shower was so cute and fun! Above is a picture of all the stuff we got. It's all packed away safely for the summer and we'll have fun setting everything up for her nursery in the fall.
(disregard all the extra non-baby stuff in the picture!)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kansas City Zoo

ISC 2008

The group

Waiting to fly out of Cayman

Adam and Eric

Gotta love those airports with free Internet

At the convention they had these big blow-up things set up for the first day. Adam was harnessed up and ready to play!

Having the fun

The after-effect...sore neck all week!

Fun in the campus game room

They handed out these clappers the first night at convention...Adam's broke, then he put it back together backwards!!

Watching the races...

The guys in line for their relay. Ours are numbered 42, 15, etc...

It was SOOO cold

We checked out a little early on the last day...they were so tired. Here they were sleeping in the lounge.

The awards rally got so boring...after the first 3 hours...

me and Jane Haylock

This was after I was kicked out of the exit row for being makes sense, but they've never said it in their little speech on any other flight I've been on, so I was surprised. Thankfully, the row right behind it was empty, so I had that to myself.