Thursday, December 13, 2007

HS Cantata - Wednesday, December 12

Getting ready to play the trumpet ensemble up in the sound booth...sounded really cool!

The choir directed by Mrs. Craig

Taylor, Brianna and Jamesette

Taylor, David and Cori being silly...modeling their beautiful outfits!

Taylor and Cori

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Dinner - Tuesday, December 11

Merry Christmas from the Profitts!

Us, being silly...surprise!

Is it hot in here? =)

World's Greatest Mother-In-Law

Grrr...I forgot to take my camera to the staff dinner tonight, so Adam and I decided to have mom go over to the church and take a few pictures of us...enjoy!

Recital - Monday, December 10

The teacher =)
Adam playing for Drake - a beginner

Taylor and Adam playing a duet

Briela Rodriguez - my student at school...she did a great job!

Adam played the piano for 2 of his students.

Steven - intermediate

Adam played a piano duet with one of Mrs. Craig's beginner students, Eric. Eric also is in our youth group. He has only been taking lessons for 3 months, and is already doing an awesome job!


Great job, sweetheart! You and your students did great!

Adam and Taylor - a more advanced trumpeter

Adam and Taylor

*Adam teaches private trumpet lessons to 4 of the students here at WCA. Only 3 of them performed due to a mouth injury of sorts to Scott Craig.

Burley's beauties!

notice how she is holding her thumbs...both of them =)
...and what EYES!

a beautiful little burley!

Allison is a beautiful litle girl...that is all there is to it!

The World's Greatest Compliment =)

The other day my nephew, Ryan, was in a store and the cashier asked him this question: "What is your favorite thing about Christmas?" He replied, "My aunt and uncle are coming home!" Now, aunts, let me ask you, how would this make you feel? An 8 year old boy...he's amazing. I could have cried! :)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Program

The group

My class - part 1

My class - part 2

Keegan and I in front of a Christmas tree in our church.

The "girls" =)

David and I in front of another Christmas tree in our church - this one is in the foyer...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm so glad...

I pass this sign every day on my bus run, and sorta chuckle every time I drive by it. The fact that someone would would actually put time and money into making this sign is commendable, I suppose. But I wish they would've put a little more time into it. Or maybe a little more money in replacing it. But alas, the sign is boldly in place, declearing its truth. I'm not entirely sure what declearing even means, but whatever it means I hope it's good. I googled it, and found only that it has something to do with an opaque type in pyrex. To me it sounds like a new sort of acne medication utilizing vitamin D. Anyways, I thought I'd share the chuckle.

High Voltage Youth - Water War!

This past Friday night was a Water War for our youth group. We had 30 take part. It was a blast - several have already asked when we can do it again! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE ended up soaked! Great stuff...

Taylor, Brianna, and Danielle (Taylor's neighbor - first time visitor)

Here I am, intensely engrossed in the beginning stages of the war.

Benny, with the biggest gun of the evening. This is the same model that Chad and I bought one summer for Youth Camp use while traveling for GBS. I was on Benny's team, let me tell ya.

Scott, with his weapon of choice.

A few guys brought a cooler filled with ice and water, and water balloons. They were freezing cold. They claimed to have 400 balloons in the cooler. Wow.

Here was the location of the cooler. Unforunately, they were on the team opposite mine. They never ran out of ammo. Bummer for us.

what a meal!

The spread...

Mr. & Mrs. Furber - she is our principal for this year. was good - these are plates 2 and 3!

By the way, thanks to all of you for your great ideas. I ended up making devilled eggs (thanks, Melissa - Grandma Nichols' were always awesome!). I didn't have a whole lot of time and everything worked out perfectly. I am keeping your recipes in mind and hope to use them too sometime.