Wednesday, January 28, 2009

usps... Unable to Speedily Present your Stuff?

I received in the mail today this thank-you card from my cousin and his wife. They mailed it on October 6, 2008. I got it today, January 28, 2009. Yes, we live outside the U.S., but normally it takes only about a week or two to receive letters from the States. Then I noticed the nice ink-stamp on the front of the envelope. Somehow, this letter was sent to Singapore. This struck me as being odd. What did they see in the address that led them to ship this letter to Singapore? But what really bothered me was my next realization. Why do they accidentally send stuff to Singapore often enough to warrant creating a stamp that says "Missent to Singapore"?!? Your tax dollars at work, good friends. Rest easy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Growing like a weed!

Aubrey decided to try something new this afternoon. She rolled over from her back to her tummy! ...and the nurse just asked today if she was rolling over...*sigh*

This was Aubrey's second time having cereal. She was a bit tired, as you can well see!!
(the pics uploaded backwards...)
Aubrey absolutely goes crazy whenever we are eating trying to get to our food. She loves to drink from my cup of water when I have some. So, I decided it was time to start her on cereal. It was SO cute - I was fixing her food for her and it was like she just knew that I was making something for HER. Adam was holding her and walking around and she would turn her head so far just to try to see what I was doing. When it was ready, we put her in her Bumbo seat and I sat down in front of her with her little bowl and spoon. Her whole little body was tense and every time I would put the spoon to her mouth, she would dive for it! So fun!!
Lovin' life!
Reaching for Daddy's beard.

Today, Aubrey went for her 4 month check-up. She is healthy and growing so fast. She weighed in at 19 pounds 14 ounces and 27.5 inches long. CRAZY! Today was also immunization day. I was so surprised...she didn't even cry! What a little trooper. I always dread "shot day" and usually make Adam stand by the table with her so I don't have to watch. Well, today I decided to just stay right there with her too and held her hands and talked to her in a really happy voice the whole time! She even smiled through the first shot. The doctor told us that the second shot usually hurts more than the first one and she did start to whimper, but that whimper quickly turned to a smile with more prodding from mommy. She is such a happy little girl and we are certainly blessed to be her parents.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

His Excellency the Governor!

Tomorrow is Heroes Day, a national holiday here honouring those who are old and have fought in wars or done great things somehow. Our church had a special service today honouring several people, some of whom have passed away. The Governor attended, as did his lovely wife, to send birthday greetings to Sis. Julia, who recently turned 100. Val asked the Governor's driver, a police officer, if it would be appropriate to ask the Governor for a picture with Aubrey. He said that this was actually the place where it would be entirely appropriate. Which made Val happy. So, after the service ended, we were fortunate to speak with the Governor and his wife for a few minutes before they left our church. Aubrey was really cooperative as well, not fussing a bit. We think Aubrey is now a bit snobbish... it's like she expects us to do her bidding. Oh wait... we already did all that. Anyways, pretty cool stuff for this backwoods girl from Louisiana. Now I realize that Aubrey is not backwoods or from Louisiana. But I think that says it perfectly.

Getting into the car is the driver for the Governor.
Here are some more shots from this afternoon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

so i think i like some new things...

Aubrey has apparently decided to broaden her horizons and enjoy new things.
Things like actually half-way enjoying the swing.
She's also started reaching for things. Like Val's face. She'll reach for just about anything that's held in front of her. Which means at meal times we now eat out of the serving dishes, as they're out of reach. It's really great for not having place settings to wash, but the whole "double-dipping" think is kinda getting out of hand. Aubrey has also started this thing of looking longingly at our food while we're eating. Seems so cruel...
She's also very interested in books. This particular book is one I had fun reading with/to Kaitlynn when she was a baby. Val found a copy of it while we were in the US over Christmas.
Aubrey is enjoying tummy-time more and more, too! She loves to lay in her crib and look at/play with her toys, talking a mile a minute. At least we think it's talking.
Again, her book. The real reason for the pic, though, is that I love the outfit. I don't know if she'd been in navy before, or at least not a solid navy. Cute!
Val's mom and dad wanted to get her a bumbo seat, but transporting one home from the US wasn't practical, given their size/shape. So, we hopped on ecaytrade (kinda like craigstlist) and found a used one for a great price! Aubrey loves sitting in it... thanks mom and dad!
I know this pic is a little blurry, but I love the expression on Aubrey's face. Somewhere between a huge smile and a yawn, methinks.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Merry Christmas from Ohio!

Aubrey and Suzanna
We went all piled in the 15 passenger van and headed to Bluffton to look at Christmas lights. It was a fun night!

Suzanna and Aubrey
Mom and Dad got Adam this cover for his truck bed for Christmas. It looks really nice! Maybe next time we're home I'll take a picture of it completed!
Aubrey's first Christmas!
My sweet mom!
Allison enjoying one of her Christmas presents.
Olivia focused on her play-doh
yay for Dora panties!

Aubrey admiring her picture frame from Aunt Stephanie
Kaitlynn and Olivia

Bluh...Merry Christmas...
Evers all to eager to open gifts!
Allison havin' fun!
Mama enjoying Aubrey time.
Suzanna and Eric
Happy Birthday, Granny! We love you!
Michelle, Maria and Aubrey
"I wanna taste it!"
Mama watched Allison and Aubrey for us while we went Christmas caroling with our church. It was FREEZING cold, but we had a great time. Thanks, Mom!
My sister's beautiful family
Us...this was the Sunday we had Aubrey dedicated.
What a good babysitter!
I love this picture of Aubrey and Ryan...just chillin'!
Stephanie, Allison and Kaitlynn in line at we were crazy to go at that time of day!
yep, it was that bad!