Sunday, February 24, 2008

A New Little P.

A new little p will come into the world, sometime around September 24, 2008.
Everyone is happy and healthy. The little p has a big head, as you can tell in the picture. It must take after its father. =)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

We just wanted to say "thank you" to those of you that sent us cards for our birthdays. Some were sent by e-mail, others by text, and even one by snail mail! Thanks for thinking of us and being so thoughtful!

On February 14, Valerie turned 24 years old. We celebrated by going to Sea Harvest restaurant with some of the staff. It was a very enjoyable evening. We sat outside by the was a beautiful evening.

On February 22, Adam turned 25 years old. Being Friday, we had our "youth," so really no celebrations took place. We had planned to go to Sea Harvest tonight for supper, but decided that we'd wait until Tuesday, as it might be nice to have that relaxing atmosphere during the week.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valerie's Day! :)

a dozen roses from my sweet husband!

this one was from Becky, my high school helper

the red one was from David - one of my students.

Upset the fruit basket!

This was my desk on Valentine's Day. The students were so sweet with their candy, cards and flowers.
Alison was the winner of musical chairs

havin' a party!

For those of you that have wondered how far we are from the ocean, this is a view from my classroom window. Right behind the trees is the water.

my bro and me

Adam and I decided to go ahead and give Kaitlynn her birthday presents early instead of just seeing her open them over the webcam. This was her expression the whole time we sang to her!

We thought Kaitlynn wanted the gift card box, but when I took the gift card out, she tossed the box on the table saying that she didn't want it because there was nothing in it!

Adam opening his goodies from mom and dad.

The two greatest parents on earth!

Sleeping Beauty


Thanks to mom and dad for a great birthday dinner at Bandido's.

So excited to be at Bandido's!

hahahaha - classic.

A great Mexican restaurant
Granny Nichols and me
Sarah Ann and me - this was my last time to see her before she has her baby. We met up at Starbucks. :)

Maria, Amy and Michelle

Aaron (Sarah Ann's husband) being himself!

As we were leaving Cincinnati, we met up with my Grandma Yount at Bob Evans for a late breakfast. The food was awesome and it was really good to see grandma again.

YUMMY!!! This was mom's table one of the nights we were home. By the way, most times we sat down it was to a meal like this one - hot and awesome! Thanks mom...I'm still craving mashed potatoes and beef and noodles. :)

More of our trip

Redneck cooler - very handy though!

Olivia loved playing with the cans of pop.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A beautiful view of Cincy... coming around the cut in the hill. We ran to the Florence Mall before going to Aaron and Lisa's house. JCPenney, ya know... The clouds covered seemingly all but the city, and the sun was shining brightly on the skyline. A beautiful sight.

Elliott was cute as ever, as were his parents. Or at least he was. Anyways. It was cool being able to spend time with them on this short trip to the mainland.

They recently got a wireless router installed in their apartment. However, it was encrypted, so I was unable to get on. Luckily, there are a couple other non-secure wireless networks floating around on the hilltop, so I was able to join my bro in surfing.