Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Random Winter 2012/2013

One chilly cold afternoon, we decided to head up to the parking lot (which was empty due to Christmas Break) so the kids could ride their bikes.

Aubrey is a little pro!
 Annie received a tricycle for Christmas (thanks, grandma and grandpa!!) and has enjoyed learning to ride it around the kitchen and dining room.  By the time it was nice enough to go outside, she knew enough about riding it to have a good time going in circles! :)
 This shows perfectly the personality of our little Annie.  She's so funny!
 Annie had 2 celebrations this year for her birthday.  The first came the weekend before her special day when all of my family came to town.  My nephew Evan's birthday is a couple days before Annie's, so we all get together and celebrate.  It was a really fun time having everyone at my house.  Never has happened before but with our big house, we all had plenty of room and enjoyed ourselves!  The second party came the day after her birthday (not on, because of a special meeting which I will blog about in the near future!).  Aaron, Lisa and the boys came up for a pizza supper and then we had leftover (from the week before, but hey, it was still good and she didn't care one bit!) cake.

Here is Annie with her piece of cake! ;)
Special guests! 
 My lovely 2 year old!
 This is so us.  We love to sit and snuggle for a while in the mornings while we are still in our pj's.  Making memories to last forever!