Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Family Vacation

The last picture is first, and I don't care enough to change it! :) Aubrey was so tired after a very full weekend!
She is such a little climber. And is quite good at it!

My love of almost 6 years! Well, more than that if you count from when it really started. :)
I'm hoping the look on his face has nothing to do with the saying on his t-shirt. Ha!
Always laughing together!

I love Louisville's riverfront park. It's huge!

They are SO much alike. Much more than just the way their arms swing as they walk!
Our annual Labor Day family picture by the river.
Now, if I can ever get this one printed for the frame to cover last years...

My not-so-good attempt at Deal or No Deal
The longest track I've ever seen. Can't remember how long it is, but they give you one time around. Adam said he had to go slow most of the time for Aubrey to enjoy it. She got a little uneasy when he'd start to speed up. He also told me that early on she got out of her harness, so he was being careful to hold on to her as well as drive!
Excited about getting on the race car, pictured above.
On the road again!
Aubrey and Daddy hangin out in the hotel

Our family loves going to Louisville, KY. It's only about an hour and a half from home, but definitely a nice place to get-away! This is our second year in a row to go over Labor Day weekend. Last year we stayed right down town, so we just walked a lot to the various places. This year, we got a hotel about 15 minutes away, so it made for a little different time. Next year, we hope to hit the Children's Museum while we're there. We were going to this year, but simply decided a nap (for Aubrey) was a better idea! We were right. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aubrey's 2 year pictures

My favorite 2 year old! God definitely blessed me beyond measure 2 years ago. I was used to kids and being around kids, but nothing can prepare you for having your own child. It is the.most.amazing.thing. She brings so much to our family...and we are so very proud of her. Love you so much, Aubrey Nicole! You're gonna be the best big sister, ever!

Aubrey and her baby SISTER!

My reasoning for taking the ultrasound pictures to Aubrey's two year appointment is this: She usually freaks out when anyone she doesn't know tries to make her do anything. She wants to cling to me and cry at the thought of being taken from me. She likes familiar things, so I figured it would help. Well, ended up we didn't need to have these at all. It worked out well for the photographer though, because she was in training and they don't get to do to many maternity(ish) photo shoots during that time. It's just a "whenever they come in" sort of thing. I thought they turned out pretty cute!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

4 generations

We were privileged to get to see Adam's Grandma (Profitt) Ballard for a little while this summer. She was on her way (via Aunt Dessie) to Dayton to stay for a while so we met up for lunch in Florence. She is such a funny lady! She was in knots about her haircut - I'm telling you, you should have heard the stuff she was saying she'd do if she got a hold of that hairdressers hair! Her humor was definitely passed down and likely even through to Aubrey! :)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Randomness from the summer

Just look at those beautiful baby blues!
Does life get much better than this?

Clean-up time! Aunt Stephanie must have been saying something interesting!
Two people that make my life complete!