Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas at the train station

Last Saturday, we went to the Museum Center with Aaron, Lisa and the boys. It was the opening day of their Christmas "stuff" in the train part. Very cool! I wasn't sure what to expect because we have only ever been in the Children's Museum part. It was such a fun time.

Aubrey and Elliott found this and wanted to play on it for a bit
Aubrey and her favorite guy!
(Notice her's a new thing. You'll see more as you read on down!)

This is the look she gives when saying "cheese" so I have been trying to get her to just smile and not say anything.
They had this fun little train ride for the kids. They didn't charge for them to ride it and Aubrey rode it probably 10 times! She figured out that when she had to get off the train, she could just go out the gate and right back into the line again.

A NORMAL smile!! It actually happened because of a picture further down where she made a crazy smile and it made me laugh, which made her laugh! :)
Watching the little trains.
They also had this neat train table where the kids could play.

This is the picture I was talking about... haha - I told her to just smile like normal and this is what we got!