Monday, January 21, 2008


Just incase you are wondering...YES, it did hurt. I was using a very sharp knife Saturday evening and was cutting sweet potatoes to make fries. Adam and I were over at his parents house and we were just having a fine Saturday evening. I was cutting away and had just mentioned that I was afraid I was going to cut myself and that I'd better be careful. I was on my last potato when it happened. The pink stuff you see around my finger is "monkey blood." I'm not sure of the correct term for this stuff, but let me tell you, it STINGS. Ron and Becky use it all the time and used it on the boys when they were growing up, so they are used to it. They were saying stuff like, "yeah, it burns, but it makes it feel better." or "it's a good burn." I jumped like a child. This stuff stung like fire. I jerked as fast as it dripped on my finger. Then to my disappointment, it only covered most of the cut, so I had to suffer through another application. Needless to say, I lived, and the finger is doing much better. I'm hoping that the cut will heal soon and the fingernail will grow back properly.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas at the Nichols

mom's Christmas tree
the fam

typical scene for any one of us this past year :)
Uncle Eric, Evan, Olivia and Kaitlynn
Allison's first Christmas
Aunt Stephanie, Livvy and Allison
Mama and Kaitlynn (she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't look at the camera.)
must've been funny :)
Greg and Adam - the in-laws!

dad - his favorite - Greater Vision CD's
Olivia chillin'
Best siblings ever - Eric and Stephanie
Ryan sporting his new Carhart coat

Greg and Adam enjoying ping-pong in the basement at mom and dad's.
Aunt Megan really isn't that boring :)
Kaitlynn and Olivia playing with Kaitlynn's new Dora castle.
Livvy sitting in her new Dora chair, wearing her new Cayman Islands t-shirt, and trying on her new sunglasses!

A PCS Christmas

Hannah Hunter and me
Santa Clause...oh wait...I saw my momma kissing him...=)
Adam and Nate
Me, Sharree, Bethany, Ashmo, Jennifer & Emily
"Mom, I wanna see what's going on over there..."

Trip to Indiana...

long ago...just now know...
Kaitlynn and I

me and my cousin, Melissa

Kaitlynn and AJ (Melissa's little guy) playing under the table.

Emily (Melissa's girl) holding Allison

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Adam's first haircut =)

by me...

Only an hour later...not bad for the first time...I must say that it beats paying $30 for a haircut.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Granny's 80th birthday

mama and baby alli

what a sweet sister!

This is my Grandma Nichols. She turned 80 on December 21. We had a little party for her - it was fun. :)

Little Alli-bug

Givin' mama kisses!

Random pics of family

haha...i love this shot of kaitlynn...

me n my sista' - it was sooo good to be with her again.

Copying papa

Adam and Kaitlynn pretending to be asleep...notice the grin on Kaitlynn's face... :)

This is our anniversary picture....good thing we celebrated early, huh?!

What a beautiful baby!!!!

Yeah...pretty much all the time anymore! :)

I love, love, LOVE this little coat...makes her look so adorable!

One proud mama!