Friday, April 25, 2008

New Youth Building

We've been in our new youth building for a couple weeks now, but just this week have gotten new lighting and the projection system installed. The extension cord you see dangling will be removed Saturday, at which time we'll run a conduit to place an outlet close to the projector. On the left-hand side of the picture you can see the split-unit air-conditioner. It's a pretty cool little fella, and it does a great job of cooling down the room.

Here is a shot of the back of the room. You can kinda see the three new sets of lights we put in this week. I am now a certified electrician. Not really, but I did complete just about all the wiring for these lights. Fire insurance, you ask? Whatever for?

Youth starts at 7:30. You might be able to notice that it's around 7:15 when this picture was taken. And the chairs are empty. Funny enough, they were just about completely full by 7:30.

A tradition from yesteryear...

Seems like polishing shoes is a thing of the past. At least for people like me. I know that just two short generations ago, my grandfather polished his shoes every Saturday. So his shoes were freshly polished every Sunday for church. Somewhere between his time and mine, that activity was dropped. I can probably count on my hands and feet the amount of times I've polished my shoes since going to college 8 years ago.

Are manufacturers making shoes to stay nicer-looking longer? Or is it just a tradition that I failed to pick up on? It somehow reminds me of traditions like drinking coffee with your breakfast at McDonald's while sitting at the bar-type tables along the outside wall, gazing out the window all the while. Sure, your friend is there every morning, too, but talking isn't quite as important as just sitting there slowly eating your breakfast and drinking your coffee.

How come my era didn't pick up these things?!? They're so totally cool. Which is probably why we didn't pick them up. We think of them as a novelty, whereas 60 years ago they were thought of as a necessity. Oh well, for what it's worth, I polished my shoes the other night.

And as you can see, quite a difference between the two shoes. And I pulled my pant legs up for the picture. Wearing high-water britches is another tradition that I did not pick up.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Homemade Ice Cream

A while back, Andrea Ratcliff posted a recipe for homemade ice cream. It looked really easy, so one night Adam made some. It turned out really good. Here was the result. If you'd like the recipe, just click her link from our friends list.


Monday, April 07, 2008

National Champions!

A shout out to KU on winning the championship! Incredible game. What a shot by Chalmers. Anyways. Woooooooohoooooooooooo!



Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Youth Building!

This past Friday night, our youth group was able to meet in our new building for the first time. Getting the building constructed and ready for us has been a months-long process, but it's now almost completed. Some little things still have to be done, such as decorating, etc., but it's meeting-ready, for which we are thankful. The walls are bright and the carpet does not match, as the carpet company sort of screwed up our order. But it matches the chairs we're using right now, so it works.

After youth Friday night, our activity was "3-legged Kickball." You all know what kickball is, and you all know how 3-legged races work. Put the two together, and *bingo* you have a great sport that requires teamwork to play. The video clip is about 2 minutes of the game.