Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday party for Mom and Aubrey on 9/20

The birthday girls!

Bath toys from Uncle Eric, Aunt Megan, Livvy and Suzie

Her new princess car from Mama and Papa
Aunt Megan and Livvy
Allison, Aunt Stephanie & Suzanna
Getting ready to dive into some carrot cake!
Stopping for a kiss for daddy
Enjoying the moment. (Grandpa and Grandma Profitt were enjoying "being at the party" via the internet. We thank God for webcams!)
Mom and Dad
Saying "bye-bye" to Grandpa and Grandma
Adam and I both got distracted for a minute and the next thing I knew...Aubrey was nowhere to be found. I immediately ran out to Granny's apartment because her door was open and thought Aubrey might have headed for her bathroom. On my way back into mom and dad's house I saw her sitting in the corner looking through a box of pictures!
Enjoying the new toy from Mama and Papa
Papa time!
Mama time!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Well, for some reason every time I try to upload pictures, that window freezes up. So, that's why there aren't any. Maybe a lack of memory? Not sure. Anyway, hopefully the problem will be solved before too long and there will be pics up for you to see.

But for now, here's a little update on Aubrey. She is walking everywhere now, which means there is not much "sit time" for us anymore!! She has two drawers in the kitchen that she knows she's allowed to get in - one is where I keep her bottles, etc., and the other is where I keep the lids. She likes to walk to the kitchen, get into the drawers and play for a bit, then drag various items into the dining room and living room and leave them there for me to take back to their proper place. She knows where her nose, ears, mouth and toes are and will point them out when asked. She is all too hyper and is very happy most of the time. Adam commented yesterday wondering if they give Ritalin to kids under 1 year! Haha (he was kidding, of course)! She loves playing with other kids and could spend all of her time outdoors. She loves water and swinging and climbing. She now has a full set of teeth and has been sticking her thumb all the way to the back of her mouth where her 2 year molars will be and has been just chewing away, so...hopefully those will wait for a while before trying to come through. She still doesn't care much for wearing socks or shoes, so is barefoot pretty much all of the time! That will change when the colder weather comes. But, for now it's pretty cute! She tries to talk all the time (it's her own little language mostly) and her words are mama, baba, dada, gaga (which meant "dada" for the longest time!), night-night, mammaw, pappaw, piggy-toes (said 4x at one setting, but not since), and nanna (which is for Christianna - but only said it once). She loves to give kisses and hugs. She also still loves to read books.

I must close this for now, as she's needing some attention!!

Hope you all have a great day!