Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Annie Pictures!

I've never done this, but I wanted those not on Facebook to be able to see all the pictures I posted there without having to re-post them here! It'd take all day, for sure! :)


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birth Day, Annie Marie!!

Well, January 25th sure started off way differently than I'd ever imagined and certainly ended in a much more dramatic way! I awoke at 5:30 am having some weird feelings (which were quickly identified as contractions) that would come every 20-30 minutes and would last around 20 seconds. At first, I would just have to roll over on my side to get through them, but after a little while would have to get up out of bed to get through them. When Adam stirred, I said, "I've been awake since 5:30 with contractions - I think it's false labor." His response? "Cool!" I quickly told him that it was "not cool" and they hurt pretty bad! He said he was sorry and went back to sleep! :) As the day went on, the contractions got heavier and somewhat closer together. After talking to my mom on the phone, she advised me to call my grandmother to see if she could come over to just be here with me and Aubrey in case something would happen. That way she would be here and we could leave if and when necessary. I called her and she came over just after lunch. This is when the contractions got stronger and more frequent. I still wasn't convinced that anything was REALLY happening, because they weren't 5 minutes apart. We had just been through a long 5 days where Aubrey fought an awful flu. In fact, we had her at Children's ER on Saturday. I had prayed over and over again that the baby wouldn't be born until Aubrey was 110% better because the thought of me having to leave her when she was sick was more than I wanted to think about. Thankfully, on Tuesday morning she woke up perky as ever and was evidently back to normal. What I didn't think to pray was that God would keep the flu bug away from the rest of us...I guess...because that day, Adam came home sick with fever. He had been off quite a bit for Aubrey's sickness and was behind on stuff so was in and out just trying to get things done. My contractions had grown stronger and stronger until finally I called the nurses answering service just asking if the contractions could taper off and if not, would they get stronger? Otherwise, I was in for a rough night. At 4:00 she called me back and said that I could try drinking water and sitting still or since I was dilated to 3 and 70% at my previous appointment, I could come in for a labor check. I didn't want to go to the hospital just to be sent home, so this sounded good. Adam had just gotten back home again, but this time was staying because he felt rotten. I told him what the nurse said and he thought we hould go in. He took a dose of Dayquill and off we went to the doctor. It was now 4:30pm. We walked in and the doctor later told me he thought there was no way in the world it was real - I was smiling!! (In between the contractions I felt fine, so there was no reason to frown!!) Adam called Mom and told her what the plan was and she had gone home, grabbed her bags and was on her way. Much to everyone's surprise, I was between 8 and 9 cm dilated. He quickly sent us walking to the hospital where everyone was waiting for us. They got me in a wheelchair and took me right past triage - where my Aunt was working (had just left to grab a salad in the cafeteria for supper and by the time she got back, I was gone!). Adam stayed there to get me checked in. When I was wheeled into the room, everything was set up and ready for me to have the baby. The nurse handed me the gown and showed me to the bathroom. They quickly got my fluids and antibiotic (strep B) going so they could start the epidural as soon as possible, for which I was thankful!! Adam soon joined me in the room and was there while I got my epidural. I was scared as this was something that was new for me. The doctor that did it was excellent and waited until I finished a contraction to start and was finished by the time my next contraction came. When walking over to the hospital we realized that our bag of everything we needed (cameras included) was still in our vehicle which was parked in the garage by the doctor's office. Aunt Sarah came in soon, so when Adam asked if there was a runner that could go get the bag, she quickly agreed to help us and ran for it. We were afraid that if Adam left, he'd miss the birth. She got back in time and my Mom soon came in. So thankful the cops left her alone that day...she was really hurrying!!! She made it with 25 minutes to spare. When she walked in she had this look of "did I make it?" with wide eyes! After a huge sigh of relief from both of us she came over and I cried! :) After being head down for a while, little missy decided that she wanted to turn a little bit - that's what kept her from coming even faster! They had me to lay on my side "Texas Roll" and she moved back down into position. Four contractions of pushing and at 7:07 pm Annie Marie was born. It was the most amazing experience. I was used to a Cayman way of doing things and was actually scared to give birth here in America. Not sure why - people come here from other places all the time to do this. The comparisons are unbelievable. So thankful for a much nicer hospital that was roach/ant free, up-to-date equipment and good food - just to name a few!

Here I am all situated and waiting.
So thankful she could be there...especially with Adam being sick...
7lb 15oz 20 1/4in
Sharing the news!
Focused on Mammaw
Poor Adam - the meds were wearing off!

Feeling a bit better the next day - so happy!
Getting ready to go home!
I was thrilled that my sister came to see us on Wednesday...not something she got to do with Aubrey.

Thank you, God, for another healthy, beautiful baby girl! We are blessed!!