Monday, October 29, 2012

More Fall Fun!

This past weekend, my Mom came to Cincinnati to see her Mom, and brought 2 of my nieces with her.  Her trip time was doubled by a wreck in Dayton (semi and gas spill) so she brought my nieces on to my house late that night instead of me waiting at Grandma's house to take them home with me.  They spent the night and the next morning we headed to Iron's Fruit Farm.  We love the place and have enjoyed going in the past.  When we were finished there, we headed to my Grandma's house.  My cousin, Sarah Ann, happened to be there with her hubby and kiddos, so it was nice spending some time with them as well.  Mom is always finding things to do when she is at her Momma's house and this time it was raking leaves.  The kids all jumped in and helped.  They LOVED it!  Plus, getting to jump in the leaf pile was a bonus. :)  Here are some pictures of the work/fun!
 Sweet Reid, Sarah Ann's middle boy.
 Many hands make light work!

 LOVE Annie's smile here.  She was having so much fun!
 Crazy was freezing outside and they wanted popsicles...a treat that Grandma always has on hand for them.
 And of course, Butterfinger...she always has those, too! :)

Perfect Day for the Pumpkin Patch

Giving my precious niece, Allison, the perfect pumpkin.
 Lol!  I look like I was on a mission.
 I think this is a cool pic!
 My big girl enjoying the hayride.
 Kaitlynn Ann
 Our friend Amit joined us on our fun day...and he brought his camera along.  That's why we have such great pictures!!

 Love this guy!  And, I think it is hilarious that I've got the crazy face and he is smiling normally.  Rare thing, people!

 Kaitlynn and Annie are quite the buds!

 So serious!

 Yep, it was nap time...
 Here they are with their prize pumpkins!

 Kaitlynn cheesing for the camera.  SO thankful for this little girls front teeth.  The story could have ended so differently.  Thank God!!
From this picture on down, the pictures were not edited (except the last 2), but I wanted to put them up anyway. :)
(and no...I didn't get lazy and just not want to friend only edited certain ones. :))
 Crazy kids!
 Stephanie, I thought you would appreciate this pic...SO Kaitlynn!!
 Walkin through the patch...

 Aubrey and Allison

 Enjoying their treat from the bakery. is he!!  They have the best apple fritters.

 So glad these kids got to be together for a little while!!

 All ready for the hay ride!
 Me and my baby girl.

 THE camera. :)

 Adam trying his hand at getting the perfect shot.
 Sorry, Steph, hope these came clean!!
 I was glad Aubrey's feet still fit in these!
 Allison Brooke, enjoying her treat from the bakery.