Friday, July 09, 2010

June Happenings

Poor Aubrey ended up with some sort of a stomach problem while we were there. Thankfully, she loved grandma's potty and spent quite a bit of time there. :)
how did this end up being the FIRST picture?! The loveseat really was long enough for Aubrey...she just had herself crammed up to the end of it.
Bless their hearts for putting up with us for 10 days! We slept in the living room on the pull-out couch with an air matress on top of it. Aubrey slept on their love seat which was pushed up against our bed as an extra wall! Here, Grandma and Aubrey are enjoying being together!
!With "peepaw"
On our way to Canton. Aubrey really got to know and like Mandy.
With Monique. She's our bud!
Keegan was my student our first year down there. I taught him 1st grade. What a kid!
I love this little girl SO MUCH!
Relaxing and enjoying apples!
With her toy that Grandma and Grandpa got her. She had so much fun with it!
This child loves lemons!
Adam specifically wanted to make sure he got some marinated conch while he was there. As you can see, Dad has other thoughts about the stuff!
At Seaharvest Restaurant
Momma and her girl on vacation!!
If you enlarge the pic you can see the lizard they are trying to catch. Aubrey liked the idea, but didn't want to follow through!
Tuckered out. Fell right asleep on Grandpa!
It's not true family time without a few games of Rook! Mom and I are the best...Dad and Adam just haven't figured out our ways yet. ;)

My sweet mother-in-law enjoying some coconut pudding.
Aubrey also enjoys the coconut pudding. It was made especially for her by Sis. Glenda. She made it for her when we lived down there and even though Aubrey was quite a bit younger, she still loved it!
Nikita - we're so proud of her. She plans to come to GBS this fall if everything works out for her.
Jarrett has a special place in our hearts. He was one of the faithful attenders of our youth group. He and Adam became very good friends in the 2 years we were there.

Well, lots has happened since I last posted. Summer is a busy time for most people it seems and for us, that is no exception. May is always a crazy month with IHC, VIP day (now, for us), graduations, etc. June, this year, took a different spin. We left June 4th and headed to the beautiful Island of Grand Cayman to visit Mom and Dad Profitt, see old friends and students and also attend WCA's graduation ceremony. We had a wonderful time down there and everyone was so happy to see Aubrey, especially. Can I blame them?! Anyway, several of "our" kids graduated this year and we really wanted to be there to help make their day special. We returned home on the 14th (15th early morning, actually!!) only to do laundry and repack our suitcases. We traveled with Faith Trio for the last 2 weeks of the month. They are not only a great sounding group, but they are so much fun to travel with. Aubrey really made some buddies in the van those 2 weeks. Seems weird that after being that close with the group we aren't going to see them anymore this summer. They'd better not forget us! ;)