Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Adam was able to play softball with a city league several times this fall. He wasn't part of the team, but got to play most of the time. Regulars wouldn't be able to come, so they'd call Adam. Kinda handy...get to play, but don't have to pay the fee! I just happened to take my camera on the very last game. He was playing 1st base this game.
Watching Daddy play ball.


Look, Mom! I made a mess!
Okokok, I'll clean it up!

Hair, etc.

Her new thing...peeking between her legs. She's quite good at it!
Tryin out a new do!

Cracker Barrel Fun!

Being silly
eating a "sweet" pickle - check out the face!

Happy Fall!

This was Aubrey's first time to play in the leaves, and she LOVED it!
my baby is getting so big... :)

my favorite!

havin a taste...


Lima trip

Last week, Aubrey and I made the journey up I-75 to Lima. My sister-in-law was going in to have her baby on Wednesday, so we went on Tuesday evening and stayed until Saturday afternoon. (Adam had a busy week with Youth Challenge, so he didn't mind.) Tuesday night, I went over to my brothers house and watched their 2 little girls, Olivia and Suzanna, while Megan went out to do some last minute running around. The girls had a great time playing together. Wednesday around noon, I went to their house again to watch them while her parents went to the hospital for the arrival of their 2nd grandson. William Eric Nichols was born at 2:22 pm weighing in at 9 pounds and was 21.5 inches long. What a cutie he is!! I was able to go to the hospital that afternoon to see my newest little nephew while my mom watched Aubrey. Thursday, I babysat 3 of the Burley kiddos while my sister had conferences then we went shopping. That was fun! Friday, I was planning to come back home, however there were some issues that needed taken care of concerning the house that we're selling. Ended up, I needed to stay until Saturday to get all of that done. Saturday afternoon, I headed back to Cincy to see my sweetheart. It was so good to be back home again. Aubrey and I missed hubby/daddy so much while we were apart.
*I thought my camera batteries were dead, so I took pictures on mom's camera instead of mine. Turns out, when I tried my camera it came on just this is the only picture I got on my camera. I'm going to get those off my mom's camera though, so hopefully I'll get them on here soon!

Fun Stuff!

Ok, so I hate messes. I have always fed Aubrey anything that tends to be messy or has potential to be messy, just to avoid the mess. She's really getting to the place though where she likes to try to use the spoon or fork. So, this is her first attempt. Chocolate pudding!

Burley kiddos visit

Pictures uploaded in reverse, here are the girlies ready to take on the hour drive (ride)!
Playing some football in the yard before heading back home.
my sweet niece, Allison
Is it just me, or do these girls have the same eye color? Also, I'm thinking their chins look alike. Guess they are cousins, after all!
Kaitlynn and Aubrey enjoying watching Barney

Fall Retreat

Every year for the past several years "my" church has had a fall retreat held at the Beulah Grove Campgrounds in St. Mary's. With living out of the country the past 2 years I have missed attending this event. We always have a great time ...playing volleyball, softball, talking, eating, talking, eating and talking and eating some more! With Aubrey things were a bit different, as I couldn't just stay up around the campfire as long as I wanted (or do it at all, for that matter!) or make my own time schedule, but it was still great fun. She loved running around the place as well as playing in the jumping castle that was set up. We ended up staying at the campground for only one night and headed to my parents house for the other night. I figured it would be easier to get ready for church on Sunday having a bathroom down the hall instead of across the yard! It was a great time.