Friday, February 17, 2012

Our baby is 1!

On January 25, 2011, our lives were once again changed by the birth of our second daughter. Annie Marie has been such a joy to have around our house. She learns a lot from her big sister and they have so much fun playing together. She was sick with some sort of illness for most of the month of January and it is so good to have our "real" Annie back. You will be able to tell in some of the pictures below that she just wasn't feeling good.

On her birthday, we went to library time (every Wednesday!) and had a nice party here at home that evening. By the time our party was over, she was pretty much "done."

Checking to see who else is joining library time.
Enjoying her cupcake!

LOVE this picture of daddy and baby girl!

Elliott enjoying his hot dogs and mac n cheese!
The best family pic we were able to get at that point...

Simon playing with the party favor. Thankfully, they didn't make any noise! :)
Birthday girl!
Big sis, Aubrey, enjoying her party favor!
The kiddos at the party!

Happy Birthday, Annie girl. We love you and thank God for you! :)