Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Stuff!

A while back my parents got this rocking chair for Aubrey. It's so cute and just her size! She will enjoy this for years to come! Thanks again, Mamaw and Papaw!
We've been looking on Craigslist for a little while now for something like this for Aubrey to climb around on. Well, when I received the email that it was still available I hopped in the truck and headed to Florence. Aubrey was SO very excited to have her new "toy"!! :)


For some reason I can't get this comment above the pic. Oh well. This has to be my favorite pic of my 2 favorite people in the whole world! :)

Suzie sportin' Aunt Val's shoes.
Aubrey and Olivia watching Suzanna play in the closet.
My baby girl!
My niece, Olivia, getting ready to go home. She was so sleepy!
Eric, Meg and baby Will! :)
Wouldn't you know it...the little girls look great and I'm the one with my eyes about closed!
What a sweet little guy - Will. So happy to have him in our family!
This past Sunday night was Dr. Taylor's last camp meeting service to preach at here at GBS. Knowing this (and the fact that Adam and I were supposed to sing, which didn't happen :), I invited my parents to come down for the service. My dad served with Dr. Taylor on the board quite a few years ago (I think!). I knew that he loved and respected him and thought they might want to be here for that. Anyway, Sunday afternoon I heard they were coming. I was so excited to see them. And then I didn't even get decent pics of them! Anyway, Aubrey was so excited to see them when she woke up from her nap and even cuddled with pappaw for a good little bit, which she rarely does. They kept Aubrey for us while we practiced again before the service, which was very helpful. Right as the service was getting ready to start I looked at the door and saw my brother and his family. This was a complete and totally awesome surprise! Aubrey was again tickled to death! All I can say is I'm glad I had to be on the platform most of the service, so I didn't have to sit in the 3-ring circus that was likely taking place in their row! Mom said they were very good. After service I was privileged to entertain my family and Grandma Yount (not that she's not family, but you know...), as well as the Alley's. It's not something I get to do very often as I'm usually the one going to mom's house, etc. It was fun. I'd like to do it again. Seriously, guys! Anyway, it was also great to have the Alley's in my home. I can remember our family holding revival services for them when they lived in WV. We would stay with them so I told Sis. Alley it was about time for some payback from me! :)

Happy Easter!

Finally, here are a few pics from our Easter. It was quite different than any other Easter I have celebrated, but hey, who says they all have to be the same?! After singing in our church's cantata we came home to find our house full of flying ants. Joy. Making a longer story shorter, Adam worked hard to get them all killed and cleaned up. Our house was then filled with chemical, so we ditched the lunch plans and decided to grill out and eat on the porch. (Don't have a table out there, but the chairs are comfy and our laps held our plates just fine!) After our lunch we grabbed the Easter basket that Aubrey had received from church the week before - she didn't know had been kept on the counter all week - and headed back out to hide the eggs. She wasn't too enthused, but after finding that there was chocolate in there, she changed her tune a little! She LOVED eating the chocolate. The first pic shows it all...chocolate all over her face! :) Anyway, it was a good day. He is Risen. He is Risen, indeed!