Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrating our 4 year old, Aubrey.

Birthday girl at breakfast.
 Headed outside for a few snapshots of our new 4 year old.  Beautiful, if I must say so myself!!

 Had to get a shot with little sister. :)

 Skyline for her birthday lunch.
 A little blurry, but Annie is smiling!
 Birthday table
 Blurry, but I love the excitement in her eyes.  For her birthday, she asked for a barbie cake and a barbie.  I usually buy the kids their birthday cakes, but decided to try my hand at this one.  Happy I did, as she loved it and it was pretty tasty!

 Getting a closer look...

 I didn't want Rapunzel's hair to get in the icing, so I braided it. :)

 Aubrey bought presents for her birthday guests (Simon, Elliott and Annie)...this is what Simon got.  Perfect!! :)
 Elliott received an airplane craft.
 Aubrey was quite pleased with this scarf...she's always wanting to wear mine! 

 I think she was done with pictures at this point!  Cute, anyway!
 One more pretty one for momma.... :)

 Confession: Her cake didn't really have a place for candles, and we all forgot about them until after I cut her cake.  In my opinion, you can't have a birthday without candles, so we improvised...she got her slice of cake with 4 tea lights on her plate. :D

 A pic of me and the birthday girl!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Labor Day in Louisville 2012

Hanging out in the hotel.

 Lynn's Paradise Cafe was such a neat experience!

 Our yearly stop at Kart Kountry...Aubrey was excited!
 They have go carts for 5-7 year olds to drive alone.  Aubrey was not quite 4, but because of her size they let her drive one anyway.  Here, Daddy was giving her instructions.
 Annie had fun watching!
 Getting all settled for her first drive!
 She had so much fun and only grazed the sideline once. :)
 Focused driver!
 This was more Annie's speed. 
 Enjoying her cone from DQ.

 Play time at the water park.

 It had been raining, but that was ok...they were in their swim clothes! :)

 At the Louisville Slugger Museum.  Would definitely recommend you go here if you are in Louisville.  Fun stuff! 

 Headed home from a fun but wet weekend!
 Silly girl...