Thursday, October 01, 2009

1st Birthday Party - at home - on her birthday!

Trying to make connection with Grandma and Grandpa so they can be part of this party, too!
Happy 1st Birthday, Aubrey...I love you!
Opening presents...
mmmm strawberry cake!
this is good!!

so innocent
Amy gave her a bath after all the mess.
Happy Birthday also to Jane Haylock who shares a birthday with Aubrey. She is one of our friends from Cayman -- she graduated from the school there our first year there and then came to GBS. We're happy that we can be together again. She and her brother stopped by after celebrating her birthday with friends for some cake. They also brought Aubrey a birthday present, which she LOVES! I put Aubrey's candles in Jane's cake. :)

Random Aubrey!

Aubrey loves "Cincinnati" - that's her daddy's Reds hat. :)
There is a box (I know, I know...) in Aubrey's room that has some of her old clothes in it. She always gets these purple striped pants and carries them around the house. One time, we put them on her head and she thought that was funny. Now she will bring them to us and then pat her head telling us that she wants to wear them.