Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Top Notch Girl!

I just finished chatting with a girl that I met when we lived in Cayman. Her name is Kendra and she attends the school where I taught. She, in fact, was in my mother-in-law's class until this year -- she made the move to HS. Although she didn't attend our church she was a faithful "youth" comer. She is a lady in many ways, very respectful, kind and considerate of others. There is much that I could say about her, but will leave it to that. God's gonna do lots with her! :) We chat every now and then on the computer and today she sent me these pictures of us taken the last week we were there. I only bothered to fix red-eye on one of them, so please disregard that. She also tacked this beautiful picture of herself along with the others.
Kendra and Aubrey (9 mo.)
Kendra, me, Kayla (and if you look in the background you will see Kaleb - I taught him in his first few weeks of first grade last year and tutored him the year before. We were buddies!) I taught Kayla a few weeks of her first grade year last year. Great girl as well!
This picture just makes me smile!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


This past Sunday at church all of our girls dressed alike. We didn't mean to do it, but they all coordinated. Fortunately for me, I had my camera!
Olivia, Allison, Aubrey and Kaitlynn