Friday, December 31, 2010

Some baby love...

Around 34 weeks

That time already...REALLY?

A while back when my mom asked what Aubrey needed for Christmas I knew immediately and told her a toddler bed. With the new little one joining us in a few short weeks I knew the transition would need to be made. So, my parents got one for her and Ron and Adam assembled it.
Makin a mess while the guys work.

She has been doing very well staying in her bed and is sleeping as good as ever. Although, one night I heard her talking sleepily so I went in and she was lying on the floor...half on her rug and half off! I helped her back into her bed and we slept the rest of the night! :)

The promised tree

We were at Borders bookstore a while back and at the entrance they had a huge pink tree on one side and a purple one on the other. Aubrey thought it was the greatest thing and decided she wanted a pink tree, too! Daddy promised her one and a while later we headed to "Uncle Wally's" (that's what she calls Wal-Mart, "because that's what Grandpa says") to get her one. I didn't even know they made little ones like this and I was wondering how in the world he was going to come up with something for her. Well, we entered the store in search of a pink tree and bam! right there not far from the entrance was the aisle that held these little trees. They had pink, purple and white but Aubrey held true to the fact that she wanted a pink tree. We let her pick out a topper and when we got home and put it in her room she was one happy gal! Her smiles these days crack me up, so I had to post all of them! The last picture is a real smile...the rest are her either saying "cheese" or just trying to smile when thinking about what she's doing. Really funny!
Aubrey was very excited to help with putting the Christmas tree up this year. It was so much fun!!
Her favorite part was when we pulled out her nativity from last year. She didn't remember it from then, of course, but sure spent quality time with it this year!
"I wanna put the star on top!!"
Life isn't dull with him around! So glad God gave him to me! :) He put the tree up this year. I sat in the recliner and helped unfold branches and he put them in and strung the lights. What a great husband!


We kept laughing at how Aubrey would just randomly fall while trying to walk through the snow. She was fearless, too!

Daddy teaching Aubrey how to make a snow angel.

So much fun!!
Throwing a snowball at daddy!
So, we were all supposed to make a silly or cold face. Hers was there, just not when Adam snapped the picture!
Trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to sled on the frog sandbox lid down the hill! Thanks to Donnie for offering their sleds! :)

Throwing snow
My snow angels!

Aubrey loves the snow so much and was very excited to go play in it!
Happy Winter!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving on this Christmas Eve!

I know, it's really sad that I'm just now posting pictures from our Yount gathering that happened a month ago. We had a great time with my mom's family as most of them came to Cincinnati. It was really nice for us, because we didn't have to travel! My cousin, Craig, opens his restaurant to us for the day and we take over! There's so much food and fun it's crazy! This is our family picture from this year. The different expressions crack me up, and the fact that it looks like Will is picking my dad's nose just makes the picture even better!!! Love my family so much and am so glad we were all able to be together.

Aunt Jean brought Play Doh for the kids to play with. Pictured is Allison, Aubrey and Kaitlynn.
Aubrey with Aunt Megan
Jason and Eric enjoy catching up.
And this lady is to blame for the whole bunch! :) Love my Mammaw Yount!