Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Annie!

Can't believe my baby is 2!
 She is such a mommy's girl.  Love her!
Two years ago this is where we were.
 Annie's first Sunday at church.
 Melts my heart.
 Probably the first family picture.  The days leading up to Annie's birth, Aubrey was horribly sick with the flu.  I prayed that God wouldn't allow Annie to be born until Aubrey was 110% better.  I couldn't imagine having to leave my sick baby, to go have another one!  Thankfully, the morning I woke with contractions, Aubrey was completely better.  Around noon, I called my Grandma to see if she could come and stay with me, just in case I needed to go to the hospital.  She came and by 4, Adam came home sick.  That was handy, because I had just called the nurse and they wanted me to come in to get checked out.  He took some meds and we were off.  By the time we arrived, the doctor was surprised to find that I was already 8cm.  He asked if I'd like to walk to the hospital or have a wheelchair.  I figured since I was fine (except when I was having a good ol' contraction) I'd make the trek.  Had to stop a time or 2 on the way for a contraction, but we made it fine.  By the time I got to the check in spot, they had a chair ready for me and took me on to my room.  Adam had to stay behind to get me checked in.  My Aunt works in that spot but had just left to get a salad for supper.  By the time she got back I'd already been taken and she met Adam.  After a few minutes passed and I was settled in my room, Adam and Aunt Sarah came in.  I was so glad she was working that evening for more reasons than one.  A very good reason is that we had left my bag, cameras, etc., in the vehicle that was parked outside the doctor's office.  When we walked over to the hospital, we didn't even think about going back to the car to get it before we went.  Thankfully, Sarah ran and got it for us.  Around 2 hours after I got to the hospital, Annie was born.  My mom made it about 30 minutes before Annie did.  I was so thankful.  With Adam being sick, he was able to mainly stand along the side to see what was going on and then rest on the couch, instead of having to serve Daddy duty.

Wasn't planning to write all that, but there we have it!
 Building a bond to last a lifetime.
 Getting to know one of her now favorite people!