Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Childrens Museum

Look how big I am!!
Happy Birthday, Ron! Today he turns 60!! It's so good to have him home with us on his big day.
This cool stop light -- you can push the buttons to make whichever light you want come on. Or all 3 at once. Now that would be confusing!
Aubrey really liked pushing the buttons.
Playing some kind of music.
Driving the firetruck.
"I'd rather look at the toys than at you"
Mom, Lisa and Simon (slept the whole time!) hanging out while the kids play in the ball section.
Elliott having fun!
Aubrey really enjoyed the ball section this time around. Last time we went she was still a bit young for it, but today had a blast!
Grandpa and Aubrey
Adam, Aaron and Elliott
Pulling the rope to make the box full of balls go to the top then he can dump them into another place. Cool stuff!
My pretty Aubs!

A peek into our evening

Well, Blogger isn't wanting to cooperate with me on moving the pics to the order they're supposed to be in, but oh get the idea! Last evening Adam and I decided that we could each open one gift. We are planning to have our own little family Christmas on Christmas morning. The gift we let Aubrey open was the one that we had purchased to give her at the GBS Christmas dinner. We were reimbursed, so it is still from the school. Each year at the dinner, President Avery passes out gifts that are purchased, wrapped and placed under the tree by their parents, to each staff child that wishes to be involved. We told Mandy that we wanted to be in it and then I ran off and left her gift wrapped on the dining room table. Bah. Oh well...she enjoyed it last night when she opened it!

In Momma's Boots

5 years and counting!

For our 5th anniversary, Adam took me to the Melting Pot restaurant. It was a very slow paced meal as it was 4-course and we cooked what we ate as we wanted it. We started off with a spinach and artichoke dip (YUM!), then had salads, then had our main course which were the foods at the bottom of the post cooked Mojo style (garlic and citrus) and to top it off we had our dessert. We should have gotten a picture of that was incredible! I chose the dip for our dessert, chocolate with a swirl of crunchy peanut butter. On the plate for dipping were marshmellows (2 covered in oreo crumb and 2 in graham cracker), strawberries, brownies, bananas, rice krispies and a slice of cheesecake. It was a relaxing evening with my favorite person! Thanks to Mom and Dad Profitt for watching Aubrey for us.
Here I am with the roses that were on the table when we arrived. Adam had ordered the "celebration package" which meant I got these flowers and they came and took our picture and put it in a melting pot picture frame. It's cute. Not digital tho, so I don't have it handy to post.
Seems to be enjoying himself!
Cookin my food.
The raw food that we cooked in the pot!

Fun in a box!

Aubrey loves spending time with her cousin Elliott. :)

Nichols Christmas Weekend

My little family!
The kids adored this little toy...can't remember what it is called, but they would seriously fight for this thing! Aubrey was the only one at the house at this time and Mom and I were making cookies, so it helped her pass the time.
She loves clocks.
I didn't get to take many pictures this year, so here are a few of what Adam caught.
Aubrey was ready for her nap by the time everyone was ready to open presents, so this is how she spent some of the time. After she opened the magnadoodle from mammaw and pappaw that was it. She sat in the corner and played with that the rest of the time.
One of our gifts to Allison...what a cutie!
Evan and Ryan dig in!
Kaitlynn looking all sweet. :)
Most of the grandkids
Sweet Suzie-Q
It's so hard to get a decent picture of a 14 month old!!
Another attempt. My little sweetheart!