Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recent happenings

Love me some piggy toes!Sisterly love....

Making a craft with Daddy (one of her favorite things to do!)
Neither of us knew that Aubrey could draw a smiley face until the other day when she did it. She and Adam were "making crafts" (which means get the art box out and draw with markers, crayons, etc., and maybe get to use glue and scissors.) and on either side of Adam's parrot she had drawn a smiley face! (You have to look sideways...)
Me and my big girl!Makin silly faces with Daddy
At the Cleveland Zoo. My camera batteries were dead, so we only got a couple of pictures.
Can't believe my baby is 4 months old today.
Two peas in a pod.

Fun with family

Aunt Lisa and Annie hangin out.
Elliott found something around this girlie place to suit his tastes. :)
Helpin out the maintenance crew
Aubrey enjoyed taking her turn at Elliott's scooter.
Should we trust these guys?
Aubrey loves spending time playing with her cousins.
Annie loves her exersaucer.
When we move to our bigger apartment this summer, I will definitely miss this deck.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Photo Shoot with Holly B Photography

The significance of the blanket used in some of the photos is this: it was my mother-in-law's blanket when she was a child and she used it to wrap her dolls when she was playing. She wanted to pass it down to her daughter some day, but when she didn't have one herself, decided it would go to her first granddaughter. That just happened to be our Aubrey. I was so very happy that Aubrey was blessed with this awesome gift from her Grandma.

We had so much fun with Holly B...check her out on Facebook!