Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Can't believe my baby is 3 months old already.

Our quick attempt at a family photo before running out the door for church.
Hangin out in her jammies with her Easter "bucket" :)

A little about our big girl!

Love my 2 1/2 year old!

A few things about Aubrey right now (Momma's time to brag!!):
*She is COMPLETELY diaper free!!! (potty trained since Sept, but still wore them at nap/night)
*She can sound out 2 letter words and sometimes 3 letter ones.
*Saying she LOVES to sing just might be an understatement.
*She loves helping me with dishes and will drop anything she is doing when she hears the water.
*She loves to help me out with any housework, really...laundry, sweeping, dusting...
*She knows 4 memory verses.
*She is 41 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds.
*She wears size 10 shoe and is in anywhere from 4T to 5T.
*She loves to play with her dolls and to "mother" them.
*She is very much a people person, but once she has had her fill, she LOVES to sit in her room alone and read her books
*She loves her "big girl bed" that she got for Christmas and still very willingly (most days) takes her nap.
*She's a great big sister!

We love you, Aubrey and are so happy God gave you to us! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

My bright-eyed munchkin

Annie at about 6 weeks!
It was a bittersweet time for Ron...saying "goodbye" to his mom and welcoming Annie.

Grandma enjoying snuggling her second granddaughter!

Sunday lunch with family

Granny and her great-grandaughter

4 generations
Aunt Megan and Annie
Suzie, Alli, Katie, Annie, Livvy and Aubrey
My baby girl...
Olivia and Kaitlynn admiring their newest cousin
His momma taught him well!
Poor baby Will was having teething issues that day. Still quite the cutie!
Uncle Greg and Aunt Steph and Annie
Uncle Greg patiently waited all weekend and finally got to hold Annie for the first time that Sunday afternoon!
Allison and Suzanna having a chat!
Eric, Megan and William
Ryan and Evan were passing some time...Evan was cold, so he was wearing his Mom's coat! Nice, Evan! haha

*Totally cannot believe that I failed to get pictures of Ron and Becky with Annie that afternoon. :( Annie got lots of Grandma time.

Annie's Dedication

Very special circumstances surrounded little Annie's dedication. I was so pleased that both grandparents were able to be a part of Aubrey's dedication, and with looking at Annie's, I just didn't think that was going to be possible. I like to have them dedicated as early as possible and with Adam's parents living in Grand Cayman and having no plans to visit until Summer, I was sorta bummed that they wouldn't be able to be a part.

Ron's mother was getting very low and ended up passing away on a Friday morning. This meant Ron and Becky would fly home that weekend to be here for the funeral. (Tickets these days are quite high, so we weren't sure both of them would be able to come.) Adam and I had planned to go to Lima that weekend to visit, and decided to go ahead as we would have all day Friday and most of the day Saturday to visit. I packed clothes only for Friday and Saturday thinking we would be returning to Cincinnati to be with his family on Saturday, Sunday, etc. On the way to Lima, we were feverishly looking for cheaper tickets so both parents could come. Finally, the thought hit me to contact the travel agent in Cayman that we had worked with (she also attended the church and her son attended the school) to see if she would be able to come up with anything cheaper than what we were finding. I was really wanting them to come because I wanted them to both see Annie as a newborn. We were about half-way to Lima and I was talking to her and it hit me that another route option would be for them to fly into Detroit where fares were cheaper a lot of times. Longer story, shorter...she found reasonable tickets flying into Detroit and back out of Dayton. I was so excited and then started thinking...we will all be in Lima on Sunday...boy, I should have brought clothes so we could have Annie dedicated with everyone there. Could we do it anyway? Could we make do with what we had taken with us? Yes, we could! I bought Adam a shirt to go with the nice jeans he had taken, Megan loaned me a tan skirt to wear with the sweater I had taken, Stephanie loaned us a pair of Allison's shoes (and an outfit that we didn't end up needing!), and Mom bought the girls not-so-dressy dresses so that we didn't look like too crazy of a family trying to dedicate this little one to God!

I was sooo thankful that God worked out all the details to give me the desire of my heart!
So blessed to have my dad be able to dedicate both of my girls.
Our family.

Cousins meeting Annie

Livvy holding Annie for the first time!
Kaitlynn was infatuated with Annie. LOVED holding and talking to her. Too cute!
Allison, Aubrey & Kaitlynn
Ryan and Evan and their youngest cousin!

Long time, no update!

A very helpful big sister :)