Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A fun weekend!

This past weekend was eventful. On Thursday, I was planning for my good friends Ken and Teri Vaughn (some of you would remember him from working at WTGN several years ago) to fly in from Florida and come over for lunch. After that they would head to Lima to visit friends there. On Wednesday afternoon, Ken called me and he sounded horrible. He said, "I'm calling with bad news. I've got the swine flu and we're postponing our trip." We were so glad for us and them that it was discovered before they flew to OH. If/when you think of it, please pray for Ken and Teri as they go through this time. So, with them not coming I was thinking that Thursday would just be another normal day. Well, I was wrong. I had called Amy to see if she wanted to hang out that evening because Adam was going golfing with some friends. She agreed to come over. Not much later I got a call from my good friend Sherry saying that she and her husband were planning to come to Cincinnati to visit for the weekend. (We'd talked about it the week before, but nothing was planned.) So, I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things. While there my cousin Sarah Ann called and said that she and her little boy were in town for a doctor's appointment and wanted to get together for a little bit after that before heading back to Circleville. So, I came home, cleaned things up a bit and Sarah Ann arrived. We had a good time talking and hanging out and watching our little ones interact. While she was here, Amy and Brittaney (her cousin) came by to hang out for the evening. Meanwhile, Sherry called and told me they would be coming in later so we'd probably not see each other until Friday. We had a great time hanging out and catching up. She had never seen Aubrey in person, so that was a real treat as well. Aubrey took to her pretty quickly and they had a good time together. Thanks for coming, Sherry! Come back anytime you can!
This weekend was Adam's first time to work security here at GBS. It's not required, but they are able to get in the rotation to work security and make a bit of extra money. He jumped at the chance and completed his first weekend duty. We got to ride around on the cart with him for his rounds some and Aubrey LOVED it! At one point she sobbed because she had to get off.
Aubrey and Sherry
me and my baby girl!
Enjoying swinging at a park close to home.
After a bite of corn on the cob. MMMMM butter!
Sitting in her toybox, reading a book.
Aubrey has this new love for sunglasses. Sherry found these at the Goodwill. Aubrey was thrilled! haha
Please excuse the dopey expression on my face...it was cute of Aubrey and Sherry!
Pretending she's on the phone.

Monday, August 03, 2009

A New Toy Box!

Aubrey has way too many toys to not have a toy box, so I began my craig's list search and was successful! Aubrey thinks it's pretty cool and I think it's pretty cool to have all of her toys contained!

Take heart, this was last week sometime...my living room is in much better shape right now!