Thursday, November 16, 2006

A not-so-up-to-date but oh-so-classic picture of the Nichols' family.
See what I mean?
Evan is the most photogenic-while-swinging person I know.
Evan's first day of school;
Valerie's first day of teaching.
Here is Valerie with her newest niece, Olivia.
Here is what the new flooring looks like!
Just a bit nicer than the old flooring.
This November was "Home Improvement Month"
for us, as we put down new wood laminate
flooring in our kitchen and dining room.
While on a Youth Group Trip, we stopped
at Starbucks (one of those luxuries we do
without while Lost In Middle America).
You're looking at one of the best corn-hole players
this side of the Mason Jar Line.
Here am I skeet-shooting for the first time.
My accuracy is around 50%.
Recently, we made a trip out to Oklahoma City
for the funeral of a very close friend. Here is a picture
we took while going through St. Louis.