Friday, May 31, 2013

A little Thursday afternoon fun...

So yesterday, I pulled out my camera and we headed out for a little fun.  Here are a few pictures of the girls before we left home...
 This is a pretty typical look for Annie when she is dazing or focused on something. :)
 Such a  pretty little girl!
 Can't believe this one is heading off to Kindergarten this Fall.  Mommy may shed a tear or two...
 Beautiful! Growing up way too quickly.
 As we were ready to leave the house we heard the ice cream truck.  I told the girls last summer that I'd buy them ice cream from the truck one time, but it never worked out.  So, yesterday when I heard it I figured I'd let them in on this part of summer fun.  They were SO excited!!
 Annie and her HUGE popsicle!
 I caught Annie right in the middle of chewing!

 After we left home and the park that's next to our house (where the kids ate their ice cream treats) we headed to Friendship Park where we parked and walked down to Sawyer Point.  It was great fun!

 Aubrey was so excited to see the baby ducks and their mommy!
 Checking out the water...

 Aubrey and her daddy are best buddies!

 Not sure what I'd do without these three...they are my world! Love them! :)
 A bit blurry because of the zoom, but Aubrey was a little bit away from us watching for the tire swing to come available.  She was being so patient!  (The ones that were using it never did get, next time!)
 They were excited to get to swing on this one.  Daddy was reaching around and grabbing them, that's the reason for the expressions!
 Aubrey on the monkey bars.
 My baby girl...growing up!
 My big girl.
So thankful for the fun memories we made last night. 


Emily Grace said...

Precious moments captured! Love you all!

Dorcas said...

Great pictures, Valerie!!