Monday, November 11, 2013

Aubrey's first day of school.

Daddy and his girls on Aubrey's first day of Kindergarten.
 My big 4 year old!
 Am I ready for this?!
 Putting her stuff in her cubby..


 Acting a little shy at Daddy.
Aubrey is doing really well in school.  She has completed her first quarter and is on the Administrator's list which ranks higher than Honor Roll.  Basically, all E's. :)
Love you, Aubrey! So proud of you!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Back in early June, God decided it was good for us to have this home, and we were incredibly happy.  So thankful for His leading in our lives.
 A view of the north side of the house.

 The side of the house which you see as you drive up.
 I was sitting on a little bench and took this picture looking straight ahead of me...there is a patio under the deck.  The steps lead up to the deck which is off the dining room of the house.
 A view of the back yard from the edge of the house.
 Our beautiful back yard - straight on shot from the back of the house.
 Annie playing with a fake turtle.
 Aubrey being silly on the steps that lead up to the deck.
 Exploring the back yard...
A very happy family!

We are anxious to be completely moved in!

Friday, May 31, 2013

A little Thursday afternoon fun...

So yesterday, I pulled out my camera and we headed out for a little fun.  Here are a few pictures of the girls before we left home...
 This is a pretty typical look for Annie when she is dazing or focused on something. :)
 Such a  pretty little girl!
 Can't believe this one is heading off to Kindergarten this Fall.  Mommy may shed a tear or two...
 Beautiful! Growing up way too quickly.
 As we were ready to leave the house we heard the ice cream truck.  I told the girls last summer that I'd buy them ice cream from the truck one time, but it never worked out.  So, yesterday when I heard it I figured I'd let them in on this part of summer fun.  They were SO excited!!
 Annie and her HUGE popsicle!
 I caught Annie right in the middle of chewing!

 After we left home and the park that's next to our house (where the kids ate their ice cream treats) we headed to Friendship Park where we parked and walked down to Sawyer Point.  It was great fun!

 Aubrey was so excited to see the baby ducks and their mommy!
 Checking out the water...

 Aubrey and her daddy are best buddies!

 Not sure what I'd do without these three...they are my world! Love them! :)
 A bit blurry because of the zoom, but Aubrey was a little bit away from us watching for the tire swing to come available.  She was being so patient!  (The ones that were using it never did get, next time!)
 They were excited to get to swing on this one.  Daddy was reaching around and grabbing them, that's the reason for the expressions!
 Aubrey on the monkey bars.
 My baby girl...growing up!
 My big girl.
So thankful for the fun memories we made last night. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A week in March

For a week in March, I kept 3 of my sister's children while she attended ACE Convention.  We had lots of fun that week.  Here are a few pictures.

Heading into the Children's Museum.

 These two are 10 months apart.  I thought they looked so cute standing there working together in the cafe.

 Dr. Kait

 That particular week, my parents were in Israel.  So, the kids were pointing there on the map. :)

 Their time at Aunt Val's is never complete unless they get to have Amit's chicken!
 Some GBS gym fun.

 On the Tuesday of that week, we welcomed another member to the Profitt family, so I helped out with my 2 nephews on that side as well!  It was a full house! :)
 Library storytime
I think they made memories that will last a lifetime!